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Student Spotlight
Allison A.
University of San Francisco
2nd Year
Rachel F.
University of California, Berkeley
3rd Year
Patty V.
University of San Francisco
2nd Year
Business Adminstration
Patrick M.
University of San Francisco
4th Year

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"Affordable and Reliable"

“I am a development consultant and a mom in San Francisco. I have used One Less Thing for assistance during open houses, for moving a 7' cactus, putting together an Ikea bookshelf, and babysitting (which turned into a soccer lesson) for my boys. This service has been affordable and reliable, and honestly has given me enough help to make me truly appreciate and enjoy living in the City again.”

Wendy L.
Development Consultant
"Beneficial to Everyone"

“I have used One Less Thing for multiple tasks including babysitting, bartending, and even face painting at my daughter's birthday party! The students are all very professional and it felt great to help them earn some money as well. The process is both efficient and affordable. One Less Thing is a great service that is beneficial to everyone!”

Stephanie O.
Real Estate Agent