About Us


As a college student I always needed money but had a hard time finding steady work that fit into my ever-changing school schedule. So I took any job I could get: I cleaned houses and horse stables, babysat, dog sat, telemarketed, chauffeured people through wine country - you name it.

Today, as a working mom of three, I employ college students in numerous ways. One even helped me prepare, serve and clean up after Thanksgiving dinner. With her support, I was able to host a houseful of guests and actually enjoy myself - all for $45! Many of my busy friends quickly caught on and they now enlist students to help in their professional and personal lives. They’ve received assistance with hosting open houses, data entry, office organization, tutoring, face painting – anything requiring an extra set of hands or special skills. And we’ve all benefitted by forming wonderful ongoing relationships with these hardworking students.

In 2012, I quit my job of 17 years to establish One Less Thing and share these amazing students with everyone who needs help (and let's face it, you are not a Superhero, we all need a hand at some point). My favorite part about this business is meeting these great "kids" and learning about their impressive talents. Whether you're hiring for a company or yourself, I hope you feel the same way!

Rebecca Hammett