How it Works for Students

Create Your Profile

Tell the world how great you are! Make the most of your profile by including a brief bio video and adding a background check

Apply for Jobs
Apply for jobs you will be great at! Respond to job invitations (an invite means you were chosen). And mark your Quick Connection status as ‘available’ when you want to find a few hours of work today or tomorrow, and we’ll help get the word out.*
After you apply for a job, respond promptly to all correspondence, even if things have changed and you are no longer interested -- no one likes to be left hangin’.
Get Hired
Once hired, show up on time, ask questions, work hard and request a review when the job is complete - positive reviews will help you land future jobs!
What is a “Quick Connection”?
If you’re looking for work in the next day or two, indicate that on your homepage via the Quick Connection feature. We’ll notify our database of Persons Hiring to help you receive chats regarding immediate jobs. Be sure to reply right away!