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"One Less Thing should be called "one hundred sets of extra helping hands" - it is my go-to site to get help. I have used OLT students to help unpack after a move, host parties (set-up, clean up and cater) and am now seeking someone with graphic design experience. This amazing service is now part of my everyday - as a small business owner without a full staff, I know I can reach out to OLT for fast, reliable, and affordable help."

Justine S.

"Thanks to One Less Thing I hosted my smoothest cocktail party ever! I would definitely hire Danielle again - she was outgoing, professional and took the initiative to handle things in addition to what I asked her to do. The most amazing part was throwing my feet up after the party....because Danielle had washed all the dishes! She’d be an asset to anyone in need of party/entertaining help!"

Dita P.

"I’ve used One Less Thing for everything from babysitting to running emergency errands to providing professional photography services. The site allowed me to easily zero in on the right candidates for each job. The students who helped us were consistently wonderful - on time, really nice, and very responsible. One Less Thing gives me peace of mind in accomplishing all those nagging demands."

Rick M.

"Signing up with One Less Thing was so simple! I’ve discovered numerous ways to save time and money through the students at OLT. I’ve hired dog walkers at reasonable rates, graphic designers to assist my business, and a piano teacher for my daughters. OLT is flexible with my family’s busy schedules and gives students “real world” experience while being cost effective. This service truly lives up to its promise!"

Holly C.

"When I first heard about One Less Thing, I figured I would mainly use it to find babysitters. Not only did I end up with a great new babysitter, but also hired a volleyball coach for an afternoon, a student to facilitate crafts at my daughter’s birthday party and a new piano teacher!

The piano teacher has been the most unexpected surprise because I was hesitant to hire a student for the job. Both my kids had been playing for a few years and I was looking for someone who could really teach, not just play along with them. I decided to give it a try and am thrilled to report that the student is not only an exceptional pianist, but a skilled teacher as well.

I am now open minded to hiring other capable students for all sorts of jobs. I definitely learned not to sell these talented kids short."

Kristy W.

"I need more hands - for sure. I am a mom, a wife and a business owner. I manage my life around my children so that I am always there for them. But I cannot do everything I want to do - especially because I am so particular, about my home & keeping it clean and my children, being able to help them with homework, playing games, playing sports,etc. I just need an extra set (or three) of hands. And one less thing has helped me manage everything.

It's such an easy to use platform - both mobile & computer. It's been really a great lifesaver for me - with whatever I happened to need help with."

Denise W.

"Desiree has been great with my grandson. He really likes her and looks forward to their “adventures”. She has been flexible with her schedule, adding or changing park dates on short notice. We are very sad that she is moving at the end of the month."

Sue W.

"Jessica picked my kids up from school and drove them to activities or helped them with homework 2 to 3 times per week for several months. She was great with the kids and always punctual. I would hire Jessica again in a heartbeat."

Carrie K.

"Sydney was great at being an assistant for one of my busiest weddings yet this season! On-time, outgoing, energetic and super helpful! I will definitely hire her back for another event. Thanks Sydney!"

Boheme Tipi Events

"Brandon is awesome-- helpful, pleasant and organized. He totally made order of my messy garage."

Karen E.

"Isabella was great! She took initiative, was courteous and personable and made my event a success. She worked well with the children, helping to supervise and organize their activities, and was a great help with logistics of the event. Thumbs up!"

Yvonne B.

"Mallika has been great to work with at events. She has worked a couple of corporate events with me and has really stepped up to help out in any areas where needed. Her professionalism has been invaluable. Given a task she really owns it and does an amazing job. She is super personable, positive and a joy. I can't wait to work with her at another event."

Christine C.

"When I was a freshman, an upperclassman told me about Rebecca, a woman who was starting an organization where college students take on tasks from people in the community. When the website came about, I was eager to start and immediately filled out my information, checked off my skills, and had Rebecca record a short video in which I introduced myself and what I could offer. As a pre-med biology major taking advanced core classes, I struggled with wanting to make money but not having the time to fit an actual job into my busy schedule. One Less Thing was the answer to my problems because it allowed for me to accept and choose which jobs I wanted on my own time. Plus, it gave me the opportunity to try out a large range of jobs, from wine serving at a party to promoting One Less Thing at other schools to catsitting, and acquiring new skills from each of those. I am so thankful for One Less Thing for giving me these opportunities because it helped me earn the money I now have saved for future schooling."

Student, Catherine L.

"Hello there! My name is Grant and I feel very grateful to be an employee for hire on One Less Thing. Throughout my past three years at the University of San Francisco, I have connected with various employers through OLT, and have worked multiple jobs that I absolutely loved. One of the first jobs that I found though OLT was a tutoring and babysitting job. Being a student who grew up on the other side of the country, I found it very comforting to build a relationship with a family that lives right here in San Francisco. They were exceedingly kind and made me feel right at home when I would go over to babysit or tutor the kids. On top of this, I came home with some extra spending money that helped me get through my first few years of school. Another position I found through OLT was at a company called Sprig. Sprig is a newer start-up company in San Francisco. Sprig is a mobile food app that delivers fresh, healthy, and delicious meals to people all over the city. Through OLT, I was able to join the Sprig team in the early days of their company as a deliver biker. I feel very lucky that I was on OLT, because I was part of the first groups of people who heard about Sprig and was able to join the wonderful company. I ended up biking with them for about a year, and then moved into the kitchen to help prepare the meals. This became a regular position that I still hold, and without OLT, I would have never heard of it. There have also been times where I have completed one-time tasks or odd jobs that were posted on OLT. Each and every time I did this I was able to meet some great people, and to earn a little spending money that I otherwise would not have access to. Overall, I can say nothing but great things about One Less Thing. Through the site, I have been able to connect to people, build relationships, broaden my resume, and make some cash while doing it. I feel very grateful to have found the program and look forward to the jobs it will continue to offer me in the future!"

Student, Grant L.

"As a college student, the pressure is on—to maintain stellar grades, juggle extracurricular activities, and find time to sustain a social life, all while trying to earn extra pocket money on top of paying tuition.

Signing up for One Less Thing has really opened up a world of opportunity for me—not only am I able to find jobs that can work with my packed class schedule, but through it I’ve also met great people and honed a variety of skills. Many of the jobs I’ve picked up through One Less Thing have consisted of babysitting and tutoring, and it’s given me the chance to work with the sweetest kids and the most wonderful families. Others are jobs that I may not have expected to find myself doing, but are just as rewarding. Helping a company reach out to students at a university career fair, for one, was an experience that helped me learn a lot about marketing and communication. Some jobs are ongoing, and with these I’ve loved being able to develop relationships with the people I work with. Other jobs, on the other hand, are flexible and in scheduling and low commitment, and have been perfect for fitting into my busy schedule.

There’s such a wide range of jobs and flexibility to be found at One Less Thing that there really is something for everyone, regardless of type of skill or level of experience. I’ve been able to earn some extra money, build my resume, and make connections with amazing people. I’m so grateful to have this incredible resource and encourage every college student to join One Less Thing!"

Student, Amy Ch.

"I am a development consultant and a mom in San Francisco. I have used One Less Thing for assistance during open houses, for moving a 7' cactus, putting together an Ikea bookshelf, and babysitting (which turned into a soccer lesson) for my boys. This service has been affordable and reliable, and honestly has given me enough help to make me truly appreciate and enjoy living in the City again."

Wendy L.

"I have used One Less Thing for multiple tasks including babysitting, bartending, and even face painting at my daughter's birthday party! The students are all very professional and it felt great to help them earn some money as well. The process is both efficient and affordable. One Less Thing is a great service that is beneficial to everyone!"

Stephanie O.

"One Less Thing is how to avoid a panic attack when you just need a couple extra hands from intelligent and flexible people. One Less Thing provided several workers to support Sherman School's fundraising auction. The team supplied showed up and just jumped into the fray to help make our event a success. The team quickly came up to speed on the software used for tracking, took over greeting responsibilities, solved numerous problems and did everything possible to allow the attendees to have a great event. Not only was the team remarkably helpful but truly a pleasure to work with."

Alex O.

Auction Help


"I currently have Christine A. organizing in my bathroom! Hot Damn! She is going to come Fridays, 10-3. I’m stoked!”

Tara W.



"Thank you so much for giving me her info! She was a HUGE help."

Bonita A.

"I will never clean up after a party again!"

Donna M.

"He was so sweet, extremely helpful, and on top of things. He allowed me some time to chat with friends and family which is something I rarely am able to do."

Mary F.

"Thank you so much for your darling referral, Whitney is a golden girl, precious! Very very warm, personable, tidy. Non-intrusive, helpful. She connected with my son instantly. I loved her, and above all I loved that she is affordable! Thank you for your wonderful service. I'm coming to you for my future needs! We loved her!"

Yolanda H.

"The guys did fine. I was very pleased with their work and their behavior. They were very nice, cooperative, and nice to be around. I would recommend them again."

Richard S.

"Just wanted to let you know we have been working with Alexandra this week and she has been great!!"

Todd B.